GRASS GIS 6.2.0RC3 published

The hopefully final release candidate GRASS GIS 6.2.0RC3 has been published. The following fixes have been done:

  • r.le.setup fixes (Glynn, Hamish)
  • default color map range (bug #5212) (Glynn)
  • fix v.digit/toolbox.tcl for tcl8.3 (Hamish)
  • update to EPSG 6.11.1 (Markus)
  • close GRASS after creating new location from file (Markus)
  • Fine tune intro text when launching GRASS in text mode (Paul)
  • gis.m zooming in mapcanvas.tcl (Michael)
  • missing Polish EPSG codes (Frank, Maciej)
  • initial Arabic translation (A. Masoud)

See also the GRASS Wiki Roadmap. This release candidate should be very close (or even almost identical) to the final release of GRASS 6.2.0.

Thanks to all contributors – coders and testers!