OSGeo.org Hires an Executive Director

Frank Warmerdam, president of OSGeo.org announces that OSGeo has succeeded in hiring Tyler Mitchell as a full time executive director from November 2006 onwards. The full press release gives some background. There have been lengthy discussions if an Executive Director is needed and desired for a community driven foundation, but in the end it was decided that a hired “Ed” is essential as driving force – to get stuff done. Tyler will give organizational support for the quickly growing OSGeo community and act as “to-go” person and contact point. The idea is to give support to the various committees and act as shortcut between the various subcommunities as constituted by the OSGeo software, education and public geodata projects. Of course he will also play a major role in promoting the ideas and concepts of OSGeo around the globe. A detailed job description was prepared and approved by the board based on further reflections.

Welcome, Tyler!