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ZOO Kernel 1.0 Release – the open source OGC Web Services platform

Nicolas Bozon and Gérald Fenoy have just announced the ZOO Kernel 1.0 release (MIT/X-11 style license). This release offers the ZOO API (also under MIT) and some sample ZOO services.

From the Web site at  https://www.zoo-project.org/

ZOO is an on-going OWS (OGC Web Services) open source platform project. It provides a WPS compliant developer-friendly framework to create and chain OGC compliant webservices. The ZOO OWS platform is made of three parts:

  • ZOO Kernel : A powerful and extensible server-side C Kernel which makes it possible creating, managing and chaining geoprocessing operations.
  • ZOO Web Client: A Javascript webmapping API build on top of OpenLayers designed to communicate with the ZOO Kernel inputs/outputs.
  • ZOO Desktop Client: A Mozilla XULRunner based GIS desktop application able to execute WPS queries with both local and remote data.

Download of the ZOO Source code:

Some basic ZOO Documentation is already available on ZOO Kernel installation and ZOO services deployment on the website. Growing detailed documentation is available at:

ZOO also has a Twitter now!