GRASS GIS 8.4.0RC1 released

Release candidate 1

The GRASS GIS 8.4.0RC1 release provides more than 515 improvements and fixes with respect to the release 8.3.2. Please support us in testing this release candidate.


  • location becomes project: The Python API, command line, and graphical user interface are now using project instead of location for the main component of the data hiearchy while maintaining backward compatibility.
  • v.fill.holes: New tool to remove inner isles and to keep outer boundary only
  • i.svm: New support vector machine image classification (SVM)
  • r.horizon: Output for multiple points, distances, and many other improvements
  • r.univar: Parallelization computation extended statistics
  • JSON output format support (format="json") in multiple tools (e.g.,,,, t.rast.list, etc.)
  • New grass.jupyter.SeriesMap class for animating series of vectors or rasters
  • ipyleaflet integration for grass.jupyter to create a map in ipyleaflet and add GRASS data in a single line
  • Greatly simplified the creation of new projects in Python (no more chicken and egg problems) – also in Jupyter notebooks
  • GUI: New easy command history navigation through the History browser panel browser panel (details)
  • GUI: Further improvements of new single-window GUI with undockable map display window, for a smoother user experience
  • New GRASS GIS Programming Style Guide

New Addon Tools

  • i.eodag: Downloads imagery datasets from various providers through the EODAG API.
  • r.flowaccumulation: Calculates flow accumulation from a flow direction raster map using the Memory-Efficient Flow Accumulation (MEFA) parallel algorithm by Cho (2023).
  • r.fusion: image fusion, generalized pan-sharpening.
  • r.windfetch: addon for computing wind fetch.
  • r.maxent.train & r.maxent.predict: train, and predict a Maxent model to create a suitability distribution layer.

Monthly Financial Supporters

OpenPlains Inc., Luis Bojórquez

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New Contributors

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Thanks to all contributors!