FOSS4G conference series growth

The recent FOSS4G2006 conference at Lausanne, Switzerland was a great success. It was amazing to see how many people showed up and how many creative ideas they presented there. From Jody’s blog I took some of the next figures, but obviously the conference merge of this year had a longer story. The Lausanne conference was a come together of MUM, GRASS, EOGEO, Java and more folks with their various community conferences. Here a more complete version:

2002 150 people GRASS Users conference, Trento, Italy (Proceedings)
2003 90 people MapServer User Meeting, Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA (Proceedings?)
2004 150+ people FOSS4G: GRASS Users Conference, Bangkok, Thailand (Proceedings)
2004 200+ people MapServer User Meeting and Open Source GIS Conference, Ottawa, Canada (Proceedings)
2005 300+ people MUM3 – Open Source Geospatial Conference, Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA (Proceedings)
2006 500+ people Free and Open Source Software for Geoinformatics, Lausanne, Switzerland (Proceedings)

2007 you ask? We’ll see, will publish the call for hosting the conference soon. Some ideas are already floating around. Having 500+ people is nice, maybe we should not aim at 1000+ …