Cool Science 2.0 Web tools

Working in research or likewise? The ongoing Web evolution is bringing us new tools to reduce annoying work to minimum. Enjoy our link collection for saving quite some time when having to exchange documents, information or draft new documents quickly together from scratch…

Topics covered:

  • Tired of sending proposal or article drafts per email?
  • Writing proposals or tutorials online together (1): set up a Wiki
  • Doh – cannot I combine both and have a Wiki in my Dropbox public folder?
  • Writing proposals or tutorials online together (2): Realtime editing
  • Unable to remember these strange Etherpad/Titanpad links?
  • How to send large attachments without killing your partner’s inbox?
  • Need for phone conference but no headset available or desired?
  • Need to schedule meetings in different timezones?
  • Some bibliography to manage?
  • Got the document only as PDF but need Word/OpenOffice editable text version?
  • Cool Firefox browser addons for the scientific production and travelling researchers
  • Using PostgreSQL database and want to connect OpenOffice Base to it?
  • Need coordinates of addresses?

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