Past courses

Since 2016 courses are offered by mundialis GmbH & Co. KG, Bonn.


  • Neteler, M. (2014): Introductory GRASS GIS 7 course. Johann Heinrich von Thünen Institute (vTI), Federal Research Institute for Rural Areas, Forestry and Fisheries, Braunschweig, Germany,  17-21 July 2014
  • Neteler, M. (2014): Introductory and advanced GRASS GIS 7 course. Joint Research Centre – JRC – European Commission, Ispra: 7-8 April 2014 and 26-28 May 2014


  • Neteler, M. and M. Metz (2013): GRASS GIS 7 shortcourse at EURAC Bolzano (Italy). 3 days shortcourse. Topic covered:
    • Introduction to OSGeo, GFOSS, GRASS GIS, QGIS
    • Software installation
    • Map import, GRASS location, map visualization
    • Raster, Vector analysis, Attribute management, 3D vector with extrusion
    • Vector topology management, Vector network analysis
    • LiDAR data analysis, Image processing, Time series analysis
    • GRASS GIS – R interaction


    • Neteler, M. (2012): GRASS GIS 6 shortcourse at ENEA GlobalChangeBiology. 2 days shortcourse.
    • Neteler, M. (2012): Software geografico a sorgente aperta per studiare la biologia del cambiamento globale: la toolbox del progetto GlobalChangeBiology (seminar announcement and here)


    • Neteler, M. (2011): Archäoinformatik in den Altertumswissenschaften / Freie Geoinformationssysteme. Colloquium Räumliche und quantitative Analysemethoden in den Kulturwissenschaften
    • Neteler, M. (2011): Introduction to Quantum GIS. Workshop EDENext Training Program – Spatial Data and GIS (EU/FP7 EDENext, see program)
    • Neteler, M., Metz, M. (2011): Introduction to GRASS GIS 6. GEOSTAT 2011 workshop, University of Koblenz-Landau, Germany. (slides, see page attachments)
    • Neteler, M. (2011): Lecture on Open Source GIS. R3 GIS Merano, Italy


    • Neteler, M. QGIS Course for Veterinarians. 11-15 Oct 2010, IZS delle Venezie, Padova.
    • Neteler, M. Epi-health risk modelling using remote sensing and GIS. Seminar at Department of Information Engineering and Computer Science. 13 July 2010
    • Neteler, M. Community based software development: The GRASS GIS project. Seminar at Department of Information Engineering and Computer Science. 13 July 2010. Slides



    • Neteler, M. The GRASS GIS software. GIS Seminar at WebValley 2007, ITC-irst, Trento, Italy


    • Neteler, M. Seminar: Community based software development: The GRASS GIS project, Seminar DIT (Dipartimento di Informatica e Telecomunicazioni), University of Trento, 30 Nov. 2006 [ PDF ]
    • Neteler, M. GIS seminar: The GRASS GIS software at Politecnico di Milano, Polo Regionale di Como, 30 May 2006 (6h). Introduction to GRASS 6 and QGIS (updated: Slides PDF/ODP/HTML)




    • Neteler, M. GRASS Short Course Material at University of Trento, Engineering Faculty
      • Sept./Oct./Nov. 2003 (6 Sessions of around 2:30 hours)
      • Basics, projections (GDAL/OGR), Raster and Vector data analysis, DEM analysis, Remote Sensing, GRASS/PostgreSQL/R-stats etc, based on GRASS 5.7



    • GRASS GIS course at Anna University, Institute of Remote Sensing, Madras/Chennai, India (2 weeks)